Colic in kids?

0 to 1 years

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Updated on Oct 07, 2015

What's the best solution for colic in kids and is gripe water not advisable if so why so many ppl r using it as its reviews r good?

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| Oct 08, 2015

Hi mamta, as per WHO and USFDA guidelines -GRIPE WATER should not be given to infants .there have been case reports of life threatening infections due to gripe water. People continue to use it because of superstitions and as an indigenous way of treating colic pain. Worldwide SIMETHICONE drops (act by breaking gas bubbles in gut) are the ones usually recommended and that too in prescribed doses according to age/weight of baby . Methods u could use to avoid/relieve colic pain - make baby burp after every feed,feed in propped up position ,rubbing baby 's tummy /back gently , making him play lying on his tummy , avoid feeds other than breastmilk. Hope this helps.

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