Colic in kids?

Mamta Mishra

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Oct 07, 2015

What's the best solution for colic in kids and is gripe water not advisable if so why so many ppl r using it as its reviews r good?

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Lakshmi Kapoor Verma

| Oct 10, 2015

Mamta try to give your baby lot of tummy time .. This helps in relieving gas and making the digestive system work properly .. In a complete day at least 30-60 mins should be dedicated to tummy time .. If yiur baby doesn't like tummy time try it for shorter intervals and then increase the time depending upon the comfort level ..

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| Oct 08, 2015

Hi Mamta, there are medicines available that help deal with colic and are completely safe. Colic Aid is one of them. Gripe water was used earlier when the medicine was not there, but as far as I know, now doctors don't suggest it because it has some harmful ingredients in it. These are like sedatives which will help the baby relax and go off to sleep. But in such small babys, sedatives are not recommended and instead the new age safer medicines are suggested. As far as I see, parenting is a personal decision and so some people still prefer to go by the traditional methods such as gripe water, while some prefer to try out the newer things in the market. That is perhaps the reason why you still will meet many people who believe in gripe water and will give good reviews. The call should be yours about what is good for your baby. hope this helps.

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