Mouldgy Shruthi

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Nov 23, 2015

Hi everyone.. my son is 3 months old. He is very active n playful in the morning. But from the past 3 days he starts crying during nights n that too between 2am to 3am. He will not listen to anything once when he starts crying. What might be the reason n how can i solve it. Plz suggest

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Neha Wasan

| Nov 26, 2015

Give (0. 5ml) neopeptine medicine in morning n evening.. If still doesn't work then give colimex drops (0. 5ml) once

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shilpa shukla dixit

| Nov 23, 2015

Method for giving colicaid is (twice the wight of child +1 ) like if or baby weigh 4 kg then u should give 8+1 drop.

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Himani Rajpal

| Nov 23, 2015

Most of the time reason of crying would be gripping pain so you can give colicaid which is suggested by my Pead. You should check with the Pead before starting. Also it cud be possible he might be hungry, not liking the surroundings. You can take in your lap and walk in your home. You can distract by showing some musical toy etc.

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