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Updated on Jan 04, 2020

Hi.. my son is 6 years old.. he has one bad habbit of keep complaining all the time even on a very small matter.. i teach him to not complain and solve your issues by yourself.. but he doesn'tchange his habbit.. his school teacher also tells me that he doesn't adjust with anyone and jsust complaining.. i m worried that why he doesn't adjust with any people or situation and keep complaining..

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| Jan 04, 2020

Hi Shreya Jani ! U could teach him everyday how to adjust with others. share with him the importance of having friends and how his this behavior could affect his friendship. take baby steps. invite his friends home ,organize a playdate and let him share his toys with them. Also be a role model and have positive social behavior for child to learn. Let ur child learn life skills such as sharing.. involve him in after school activities like sports ,dance ,theater where he learns social behavior. praise him when he behaves well. read out stories where message is to adjust and behave with friends.

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