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Concentration on studies

7 to 11 years

Created by Yaminisilpa M
Updated on Oct 26, 2017

My son is 8 years old , he is not concentrating on his studies , he is just ignoring what we teach how can I make him a good student

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| Nov 27, 2017

Most children don’t like studying – your son is no different. But most children learn many things, from all around them. You could try to do three things. The first is to prioritize. There are two subjects that are most important – English and Mathematics. Make sure there is more focus there. The second is to set up a schedule for study. Specific times every day where there is no option but to sit and study. Over time, this becomes a habit though initially it will be hard. Finally, recognize the effort that your son puts in, don’t worry about the result. As long as he tries sincerely, recognize his efforts. Be very specific, so he knows what you like.

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| Oct 28, 2017

my son concentration very low he get a low mark

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| Oct 26, 2017

Hi Yamini, Every child learns differently. So try to change the method you use to teach. Make the subjects/ topics relevant to him so he can make connections and know the significance. If you can specify what and how you are teaching, I can help you with other alternate methods to try.

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| Oct 26, 2017

hi Yaminisilpa M ! it's advisable to make a schedule with 45 minutes time slots with 15 minutes break in between. After that switch to another subject so that boredom doesn't set in. give him gentle reminder during transition time. praise him when he studies well. keep a tab on his everyday performance at school.. focus on his weak areas and help him clarify his concepts either by arranging a tutor, or help of a buddy or his father who could sit with him everyday. here is a blog on how to improve concentration . hope u would find it useful! please go through the link below. Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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