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Updated on Dec 07, 2016

hi..... my son is 12 yrs old.... he faces problems during study... his concentration looses after15 or 30 minutes.... now suggest wat to do to make him sit for longer time. ,.

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| Dec 10, 2016

thanx Harit n Tanisha for the concern

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| Dec 08, 2016

Hi I think you shld make him sit for 30 mins at max.. give him break for 5_10 mins & again he can resume his studies... Try to give him short interval goals w. r. t to hus syllabus.

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| Dec 07, 2016

Hi maybe that is how he is wired. So don't force him to study for more hours instead suggest that he should study for 15-30 mins then take a break and then resume his studies

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