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Created by Archana
Updated on May 07, 2017

my 5 year old child don't want to study when i trying to study him ,he never listen

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| May 07, 2017

hey.. a few pointers that u can try before preparing to sit for studying 1. it should be at least one hour after he has watched TV or played any sort of gadget games. immediately after these kind of plays their mind will not be able to concentrate. let him play outdoor or do anything else other than TV or gadgets before his study time 2. discuss and set a study time everyday. for eg everyday he will have to sit for studying at 6pm sharp. after which he can play. 3. he is just 5yrs old so let him study just for 20 to 25 mins max 4. if he finds writing difficult make him do a few hand exercises 5. make the study time real fun . at this age if we force them too much they may loose interest in education as a whole and study just for mama's sake. tons of appreciation works wonders!!

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| May 07, 2017

Hi Archana! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too: besides this u can talk to him politely and make him understand how important it is to study and consequences of not studying and how it can have an impact on his future . motivate him and praise him with a reward and a smiley if he studies well. a hug , stroking his hair, a special card for him saying"Mumma loves u" when he listens to u would make him happy and follow instructions all the more. Happy parenting!

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