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Updated on Feb 17, 2018

how to increase confidence in 5 and half years old son of mine...

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| Feb 19, 2018

thanks for suggestion... and I agree sudha... actually I got feedback from his teacher in PTM... so little worried where I am lacking in parenting... so thought of putting question here

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| Feb 17, 2018

Hi Nidhi, What makes you feel your son is not confident or insecure? you must have done some observations right. To me a kids confidence is built by trust and belief. Low confidence, shyness are results of what the child observes or experiences both at home and socially. How do you interact with your kid. hope you listen to him and not judge him. judging a kid too much when he does something or says something gives a negative impact. It stops him from taking decisions. The kid will start thinking that whatever said and done my mom or dad will come-out with different opinion. He/she will start believing that they r unfit to decide what they want and gradually give up decision making ability. Appreciate him, allow him to take lil decisions for simple things like what he wants to wear or eat occasionally. Most of all listen to him and dont be in a hurry to judge him. sudha.

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| Feb 17, 2018

hi Nidhi Jain! please go through the link given below. hope you will find this talk useful!Hey! I find this parent talk really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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