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Confused with LKG admissions 2016-17

Roopa Sachin
3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 14, 2015

Hello All, I need to admit my son to LKG coming June 16. He is currently doing Nursery in Podar Jumbo Kids, a pre school. Last year I could not admit him to school as my husband was onsite, and hence now I have very less options for 2016-17. We stay in bangalore south, kathriguppe. Here are the few options : DPS (no lateral admission, but we need to check in March 16 to see if any TCs going out) Alpine public school (applied, waiting for the call) Jyothi KV (starts in November) Sudarshan Vidya Mandir (selected) NPS and NHVPS (I am not for it as its a new school nearby) kumarans and Aurobindo (no vacancies, we can try for kumarans for 1st standard only) So out of these please I have only Alpine/JKV/Sudarshan Vidya Mandir Please let me know which is better and I am not sure about spoken english in JKV. Hoping to get some replies :) Thanks all of you.

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| Jan 02, 2017

Hello Roopa, Which school you have opted? Even I am confused on whether to go with Sudharshan Vidya Mandir or Mirambika School or St. Mark's. please suggest if you have some idea

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