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Created by Pritha Roy
Updated on Sep 19, 2015

My family is not allowing me to buy baby stuffs before the baby arrives.. i m little confuse about it. How to tackel with such things. I wanted to hand pick each and every item for my baby.

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| Sep 21, 2015

Hi pritha, logically and practically speaking it's best to buy just limited essentials until after the birth of the child. Reason being that even doc suggest that the initial period after birth is very crucial as thing can turn ugly without any reason. And God forbid if any problem all the things bought for the new one will hurt even more and not to mention the waste of money. Please don't take my suggest as negative. It's just practical. Until upto after 2-3 months of birth the baby would not need much than diapers n few rags to keep warm. After that when the child is now healthy and used to the world enough even you be able to go shopping for as many thing as you want. So just enjoy the present moment and just deal with the requirements as they arise.

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| Sep 19, 2015

hi. u will get lots of time ay whole life to buy things for your baby once he arrives. old people have their own logic explanations . its not possible every time but some sensitive issues are need to deald with diplomacy.

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| Sep 19, 2015

Hi Pritha Roy! Well cant say about their side of the story but I am sure they must be having some logic to hold u back. U could still be prepared with essentials such as 6/8 soft clothes for the newborn preferably full sleeves, bathing soap,diapers, towels set , baby sheets, ,nappies,powder,baby oil,baby bag, sanitizer for the visitors etc. Hope I am not forgetting anything. Would let u know if I remember something more. Let yr excitement grow with each passing day and don't let these thoughts dampen yr spirit. Enjoy this phase, finish yr pending chores and feed yr mind with positive thoughts. Talk to u r baby as he/she is listening to u and would recognize yr voice once born. All the very best. Take care Pritha!

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