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Updated on Sep 06, 2017

My 12 yrs. old daughter has constipation. she is a fussy eater. she wants to eat pasta maggi etc. I explained all things but all vain. she doesn't want to eat healthy food. although I don't give her unhealthy food much and give her normal chapati with vegetables. or rice but she has constipation and does not go for poo daily. what should I do for it plz. tell me.

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| Sep 07, 2017

hi Suman soni ! u need to give her salads, fruits and vegetables , whole grain cereals, legumes and seeds . besides this reduce milk intake to twice in a day . to the flour add chana atta, or ragi atta or soyabean atta or some other mix to make it rich in iron and protein. also u could add, previous night left over dals and make prantha with it. try home made paneer kofta, burji, shahi paneer etc. u could involve her and seek her innovative ideas in cooking.. such as plating, adding flavor . praise her for her help and give her the credit for making it so delicious. by doing so she would like to do lil research on ingredients , their nutritional value and would taste new dishes. hope this helps!

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