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Updated on Jan 08, 2014

Hi parents, My daughter is 8 years. I have been observing lately that she is becoming really stubborn and argumentative. I am not able to control myself when she answers me back and either shout on her or scold her. Please suggest me a way to tackle this situation.

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| Jan 09, 2014

Hi dear Rahul! I agree it is difficult to control anger espc when ur child is misbehaving. But we think it this way that children do not understand what is good for them and God has send us Parents as their protectors, guide, friend, parent, mentor etc. so when one role fails the other one need to take over. When she does not listen to u as a Parent it is advisable please take on the cap of a friend or a guide. Take it this way if we say NO to all their demands chances are they would stop listening to us and in frustration even start arguing. And if we argue back this confrontation will reach a NO solution point. We do not want that. I would request u to take any particular situation in which arguments begin with ur daughter. U just need to change ur dialogues and decide u will not let ur tempers raise no matter what. Trust me u will be surprised by the results. Suppose she demands to watch television a little longer and not study as promised. Ur approach should be dear child u promised u will be watching till this hour and now it 30 minutes above that. Ok let's watch together for 10 more minutes and then we can switch it off. So u can sit with her, involve urself and after 10 minutes u can switch off. She shd be happy that my father sat with me, did not shout at me, and as discussed he switched it off. This was just an example to show how by spending just 10 minutes extra u got what u wanted and also made ur daughter happy. We as adults can change and mould ourselves, but it is difficult to get the same expected behavior from children. Hope this helps!

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| Jan 08, 2014

Dear Rahul, you may find some useful suggestions in the following blog, which is compiled by the expert psychologist at parentune. Here is the link:

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