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1 to 3 years

Created by Manu
Updated on Oct 18, 2013

Hi All,My daughter is 3 year old and goes to play school. Knowingly or unknowingly i adopt practice to control my child by saying do this else mouse will come or dr. will give u injection or lion will roar.. this practice working well for me and i find as such no big fear in her.. momentarily she catch up my sentence and do whatever i say whether it is aspect of behaving disciplinary or eating food.. or getting ready for school. But some how i feel it is not good practice as everytime, i have to put condition or some story. I am puzzled.. any comments pls?Thanks in advance

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| Oct 23, 2013

thanks Dyuti:)

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| Oct 21, 2013

Dear Manu. I too am guilty of making up little stories to get things done with my daughter. She is almost 5 now. I had stopped this practice a couple of years back when I noticed that she was getting scared of little things. Unknowingly I had created a fear in her, which held her back from trying out new things or even going to the bathroom alone. This was infact done by the other members of my family too. Now I explain to her what she should do and what she should not do and why. She seems to understand the real reason and tries not to repeat the same action. You may try to explain the reason behind something and your child will surely understand and listen. Hope this helps :)

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| Oct 21, 2013

Thanks Shikha for your valuable comments:)

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| Oct 18, 2013

Hi dear Manu! It is quite normal for parents to adopt different disciplinary techniques. As long as these techniques do not hinder a child's growth and development, day to day life n happiness or hurt their feelings these should be ok. As the child is 3 years old she wud listen to u and believe in u. When the child wud grow older she wud ask questions, wud want to c things happening from her own eyes n these stories might no longer prove to be gud n u might have to adopt some other practice like discussion, giving examples, etc .Believe in urself u wud not do anything which wud prove to be a deterrant in ur child's happiness, positive growth and development.

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