Controlling potty pressure

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Oct 14, 2015

My child controls going to the washroom a lot. At school he never uses one . Once he shitted in his pants. Not sure what conversation i should have with him .

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| Oct 14, 2015

Hello! Would like to ask u a few questions. Since how lOng this behavior has continued? Was he toilet trained earlier? Doe he remain constipated?Any other behavioral issue which could be of concern? Sometimes children avoid using public toilet or washroom at school as they find it unhygienic to use or simply can't bear the smell. Or other reason could be they are shy to take permission from teacher to take a washroom break. Also it could be because child is lazy and wants to hold on till the last minute. Even constipation can make it worse as child is fearful of pain. It is advisable to simply have one to one discussion with him,without embarrassing him or playing the blame game and listen to his side of the story why he does that. tell him why it is not good to hold on and it's a nature call and should be relieved as soon as the urge arises. If possible share with him the process in a simple diagramatic representation. Chronic holding on can lead to changes in rectum and colon and can be painful as well. Set a routine where if possible try to motivate him to get fresh in the morning itself. make some dietary changes as well and add fiber and lot of fluids to his diet. For ex:salads, fruits,whole grain breads/ pulses etc. Avoid ready to eats, refined flour or junk food, packed juices. Motivate him to be physically active and indulge in outdoor play/ cycling or take up some sportof his interest. simple changes in lifestyLe from sedentary to physically active can also help him overcome this problem. you could consult yr doc to seek advise if the problem persists. hope this helps!

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