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3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 04, 2016

Hi all, My son’s (6yrs old) have competition at school Cooking without flames and a drink mum + kid need to participate. We have to carry all raw material. I am clueless how to cook without flames…that too delicious. Pls help. Thanks, Aarti

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| May 04, 2016

Aarti, You can make mini fruit salad in Orange basket. Cut 2 oranges into half (will have 4 halves) and remove the flesh. Orange skins can be used as a bowl for the fruit salad. Chop the orange flesh that you just removed and keep it aside. Chop small pieces of apple, banana, grapes etc and mix it with orange. you can add some berries and pears too. Scoop 2 or 3 table spoons of fruits into the orange skin cups. On top of the salad, add a dollop of yogurt mixed with honey. If you want to try vegetable salad use kidney beans (rajma), corn, cucumber, lettuce, lemon juice, Coriander, pepper, Feta cheese cubes etc and replace the orange basket with Tomatoes. If you are using tomatoes, after removing the seeds, leave the halves in inverted position on a paper towel to drain the juice. Now fill the salad in the tomato halves. on top of the salad, leave a dollop of yogurt with a mint leaf. For drink you can try some smoothies. If you are allowed to use fridge, then you can make no-Bake granola bar. you can also use oreos and chocolate pocky sticks to make spider cookies. Cut the pocky sticks in required length and tuck them between the oreos to look like spider legs. For the eyes, you can use the colored icing that comes in tubes.

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| May 04, 2016

Hi AM, when is the cooking competition. You can make quick and easy sandwiches with some cucumber, tomatoes, cheese and sauce. You can prepare the smoothies for a drink mum + kid competition.

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