Cord around Baby's neck


Created by Aakanksha Harsh Nirmal
Updated on Aug 15, 2016

It's my 5th month pregnancy and I got level 2 ultrasound done. I came to know that the cord is surrounded by my baby's neck. I am worried, can any body suggest what might be the problem in future. Will it effect my baby??

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| Nov 13, 2016

nothing to worry.. just a week before of my delivery my baby had cord around his neck but I had normal delivery.. baby keeps on rotating so it may get set..

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| Sep 02, 2016

Hi Akanksha don't worry it's not a major problem for concern. The baby keeps moving, it may disentangle any time. Also the only thing here is during labour if the cord still persists then u may have to go for c section. That's it.. So don't worry abt it at all. Have a happy pregnancy

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| Aug 16, 2016

Hi Aakanksha, what did your doctor tell you? It is better to take your doctor's advice on this.

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