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Updated on Jul 31, 2016

cough - hello I am ashwini mother of punith he has completed 2 in month of march n fallen to 3 nw he is having cough today he had vomit in dat cough has cum so gve me suggestion wht is medicine I should gve to cure the cough

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| Aug 01, 2016

hi ashwini! I think you should not give over the counter medicines to a child. You must consult a doctor if he is coughing. But if you are looking for sme home remedies here are a few I m giving to my son who's around the same age as yr son - 1. Tulsi leaves extract + juice of a small piece of ginger +1tspn honey - I try n give this mix to my son every morning 2 My son's coughing hard, felt like a congestion so I made a mix of ghee in a pan, finely grated ginger, little pepper powder(freshly ground), added little ajwain( carrom seeds), little turmeric and warmed it over heat. Remember Do Not burn the ghee or the mixture. Just warm enough to incorporate all the ingredients. Let it stay in the pan for like 10min n then strained. Mixed 1 tspn honey in it n fed while it was still warm. After feeding him this mix I found his congestion easing out n coughing just once or twice since morning. I have noticed a decrease or almost absence of that blowing sound beneath a child's back when he has acquired severe cold n cough.

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