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Updated on Mar 11, 2018

Hello , September Mai mere baby ki health Karab Hui thi. that time he had cough in chest and infection in blood. he had high fever. after that fever is gone. but cough is still there we went to doctor and he told us he is allergic. he gave him montair. we are giving him . daytime he is good no cough but in night he have cough and some time he vomit because of cough. it's almost 5months. some time 2days cough is not there again third day it's starts. what we have do pls suggest

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| Mar 11, 2018

hi Kalpana Maithani ! this needs further investigation. please get his thorough check up done. as he would loose his sleep,would. loose weight and would also not be active.. please consult a chest specialist who would guide u on this.. meanwhile try serving him lukewarm water to drink, and give him tulsa, ginger peeper corn tea ..this might give temporary relief.

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| Mar 12, 2018

Hello, we went to doctor several times. he tell us it's allergie and it will gone once weather will change. but I don't know what to do. few days he is ok and again cough start. so I am confused.

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| May 20, 2018

mere bete ko bhi yahi problem hai. uska Sept. me tortocolis ka operation hua aur 2-3month baad uski tabbeyt kharab hui. tab se usko khansi hai 6-7months hoye. pahle to week me ek baar khasi aati thi but abhi roj din me ek baar aati hai 1hour tk. ab to wo ulti bhi krta hai khasi se. bohot doctor s ko dekhaye sabhi bolte hai ki allergic khasi hai. samzme nhi aata kya kru.

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