coughing and runny nose

1 to 3 years

Created by Marium
Updated on Nov 30, 2016

my 2and 10month old son has cough and runny nose about one month. but not continues he has. sometime he is ok but most of time he has cough. i consult his doc and she has given syrup cetizine and levolin but how much I give him syrup it's more than one. month .please help me how we sooth my kid cough .he. is coughing in night more than day.. I am worried .and one more thing he doesn't want to eat medicine if I give him forcefully he vomit.

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| Dec 01, 2016

hey marium as avani said 1st check with gd pediac .. if u want home tips I would love sgare with u feww things... make sure if ur baby s allergic to some stuff like dust allergy or due Ac or he love to eat chocolate s icecreams .. I know it would b weird to hear tht due ti chocolate n sweet would kids get cough then my ans would b YES for few kids so check all these this... hometips for 1 month gv him boil water in which u put some coriander leaves n gv him to drink regularly its builts immunity ... take dry ginger 50 gm ,pepper 25 gm n 10 gm long pepper which s called pippli u ll get it frm aurvedic shop .. roast 3 of them n make a powder n store it at night mk a small beads quantity ball n dip n honey n gv him daily.. avoid milk for few days or dilute the milk more n then gv him .. ... vekhand burn it n mk a powder apply to nose area while sleeping. . ... try all these thing surely in a week u ll get gd result ..

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| Nov 30, 2016

plz do take correct advice and undergo the tests required...

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| Nov 30, 2016

Hai I had the same problem with my kid... She went through every test and finally an infection is detected.. I have rushed to every recognised doctors but I ended up using medicine till 4months... I know it is very painful for the kid and the mother but now I am using homeopathy with is ok for some extent..

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