Cracks in lips

1 to 3 years

Created by Moon Biswas
Updated on May 09, 2018

hello... my baby is 13 month old... from last 3 days she is suffering from cough and cold... I start with proper medication... but today after giving her bath I notice her lips has some cracks.... don't understand what happened to her... pls suggest me... should I visit to doctor or its normal

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| May 10, 2018

best home remedy is you can apply ghee when Ur baby sleeps.... this actually works n a day.... this was suggested by doctor..

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| May 09, 2018

Thank you Pehu

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| May 09, 2018

hi Moon Biswas !it could be due to dryness or dehydration or a side effect of medicine. Keep a lip balm handy for your child. Some natural remedies such as applying ghee to the lips and giving it a gentle massage and leaving it overnight helps too. Honey, Aloe Vera Gel, malai or Milk cream act as a natural remedy for chapped lips. if u feel it's bad ,please do consult yr doc

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