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Cranky and not eating

1 to 3 years

Created by Kanika
Updated on Jul 28, 2014

Hi, my daughter is 2yrs and 3months old. Recently she got cough, cold and high fever so she was administered with few antibiotics. She didnt really eat for almost 10 days when she was ill. but now post her recovery she has become very cranky, doesnt eat at all and crying all the time. She asks for food like idli, parantha, apple etc but takes a bite and then doesnt eat at all. I fail to understand whats happening with her. She is otherwise very playful and happy kid, she was not a great eater from her second year but now its gone even worse:( Suggestions Required please! Thanks :)

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| Jul 29, 2014

Hi Kanika, this sometimes happens with children when they are on anti-biotics. anti-biotics can ruin the taste in mouth and also have a negative effect on the intestines. Intestines absorb less nutrient. start her on some gut-healthy foods such as dahi and yakult (about yakult, you can ask your paediatrician first). gradually once the stomach is healthier she will come around. till that time, keep trying and give her what she likes and in whatever quantity. give frequently and keep her happy. hop this helps.

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| Jul 28, 2014

have faced same and its very painful for parents to see toodler like this.... I wud suggest to give him sweet things first to change her mouth taste. Like mango, bring pineapple, chocolate, lollypop, melted ice-cream, apple juice, pastry..... let her first change her bitter taste.... then slowly give her other food. it all doenst work.. then go for apetite medicine(multivitamin or homeopathy medicine) that will definitely work. Due to weekness... she is cracky... give her... food which has sugar..... let her first overcome this health... then worry abt nurtritious food....

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| Jul 28, 2014

kanika We understand your worry. it so happens that a longer treatment and medicined may lead to a bad taste and loos in apetite even after the treatment is over. It takes a while for a child to get back to her earlier apetite. Do give it some time, but also keep trying like you are doing now. Do serve her favourite food, and even if she eats in small portions is fine.... u may increase the frequecy rather than the portion size. Also, try fresh food at all times, as that would help bring the dulled taste buds back to normalcy. Keep us posted.

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