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Created by Anjali Singh
Updated on Feb 18, 2017

My daughter is 10months old. Day by day she is becoming Cranky. She always wants to go out. For small small things she shows her anger,cries without any reason and when she wants any thing means she wants other wise will cry loud as if someone has beaten her. I am not able to understand what to do how to help her. How to calm down her anger..

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| Apr 29, 2017

hi Aman! how r u! he might start rolling by 4th month and would master it by 5th or 6th month. however some children try rolling as early as 3rd month and some do it by 6/7th month. so each child is different and so is his development pattern.

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| Apr 29, 2017

when my 2 months old baby will start rolling

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| Feb 18, 2017

hi Anjali Singh! I can understand your worries. the child is too small to express in words what she wants, this is her way of communicating to you . don't feel frustrated and loose your tempers, rather help her learn new words for Instance "water", "hungry", "go out". though she would not speak but might nod or smile when u say that and indicate what she wants . if she cries , divert her attention and sing loudly or laugh out loud or play music, do whatever u can but remain cheerful. as the moment u would get angry, and raise your voice she would start crying and u would get further angry and feel frustrated. so to break this chain reaction the moment u feel things are going to go out of hand, divert her attention. parenting is not easy, and requires lot of patience. take frequent breaks and involve your hubby and other family members if possible to take care of your LO. pamper yourself and enjoy this phase. hope this helps!!

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