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3 to 7 years

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Updated on Apr 28, 2017

my child is very scared to participate in any activity n also she feels shy..... how to create confidence in her

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| Apr 28, 2017

hi Jayam Keerthi! how r u! if a child is shy , she is already struggling to meet with day to day expectations from her such as wishing someone, replying to questions being asked, behaving normally in a group setting. on top of it , if we expect this child to perform on stage or participate in any event, it could put lots of unnecessary pressure on the child. u need to take baby steps in helping her overcome her inhibitions and plan a goal for each day. for instance ,Day 1: in the morning when she leaves for school, motivating her to wish her teachers, give answers in class by raising her hand. when she comes back from school, asking how her day was and praising her if she did as desired. day two: sending her with a problem to the teacher regarding syllabus and seeking her help. if she comes back with a solution, , again she deserves praise and a hug. day three: preparing her for a topic and let her say few lines on it in front of the class. so u need to set goals and praise her for her efforts and even if she doesn't do as planned , that's ok still praise her. once she gets confident in the class, she can be asked to perform in society functions. gradually she will be able to participate in events in school. Jayam we need to keep in mind praise and motivation play a big role here and we need not forget for her to go and perform tasks planned for day 1 or day 2 or so on may actually take longer than expected. please ensure she is not aware of your purpose of doing this. hope this helps!

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