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Created by Sadhana Mishra
Updated on Nov 10, 2017

Hi my child is 5 yrs n 5month old.. Pl suggest me that how to create his interest in Reading n writing.

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| Nov 12, 2017

Hi, In one line for the mentioned age group, add humour when learning :)

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| Nov 10, 2017

Hi Sadhana, To create interest in reading, 1. start reading aloud to him everyday from picture books. 2. Children generally love animals, automobiles, princess, fairy etc. See what he is interested in and select books accordingly. 3. Take a membership in a library and also visit book shops to allow your child buy books of his interest. Having their own copy of favourite books generates their love for books. 4. Children of your age like to read books again and again. So dont be surprised if your child asks you to read the same book 10 times a day. 5. Use different tone and voice for each character while reading. Read with expressions. 6. Give a right pause for comma and full stop so he understands the expression well. 7. Use hand puppets or soft toys. 8. While reading, stop and focus on the illustrations and talk about them. - what time of day the story takes place,where does it take place, who are all the characters, how does each character feel, who is the main character, is there any problem or conflict etc... 9. Keep the readng session interactive. Ask him questions like what do you see in the picture, what do you think is happening etc. 10. Be a role model for your child. Read tour books in front of him. 11. Allow him to flip through the pages. Let him go through illustrations and understand the story from the picture. That is the first stage of reading. 12. If your son doesn't know how to read as yet, you can start teaching him phonics to decode the words. 13. Make reading a ritual and follow it diligently everyday. 14. Encourage him to read sign boards. 15 play treasure hunt and write simple clues for him to read. It's fun and he will be learning too. Write short notes and keep in his lunch box. To create interest in writing, 1. Start with prewriting skills such as coloring, scribbling, shading, painting, writing strokes (--- lines, | lines,\ lines, ~ lines) 2. Ask him to draw pictures and to tell you about the same. Ask question about his picture. Who is in the picture, what does it do, why did you use this color and so on. 3. Ask for a title or caption for the same and you write it down for him. 4. Later on ask him to draw series of pictures in a sequence i. e a beginning, middle and an end to his story. He can attempt to write caption or a single sentence using phonics. 5. Encourage him to write his own inventive spelling even if it's wrong spelling. Appreciate his effort in trying to put the sounds of the alphabets together. 6. Display the story book he wrote /drew in the book shelf. 7. Get his help in writing shopping list. 8. Ask him to write short notes letters for you or other family members and put them on fridge. 9. Make him write labels for his toy boxes. 10. Write a sign board for his room. 11. He can write an instruction manual e. g how to water the plants, a recipe, how to wash a plate, how to play four squares etc. 12. He can write a menu for dinner. 13. Make a poster with his favorite picture and some caption. Decorate and display it on the wall. Try to do fun things where he can look at his effort being appreciated. He will eventually be motivated to write. Hope this helps.

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| Nov 10, 2017

hi sadhna Mishra! to create interest in studies we need to make studies interesting .inculcate reading habit in yr child by letting him buy books of his choice . he could read a page or two to begin with, once he develops interest u could ask him read one chapter from his text books everyday . also for writing he needs to write one page everyday in his fav diary and then u could listen to him and give a star and smiley.. this will be the beginning of his journey to the world of books. once he becomes friends with book and inculcates the habit, there will be no looking back. hope this helps!

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