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Updated on Jan 29, 2018

My baby is one month 10 days old and from three days is crying continuously and doesn't sleep throughout the day. He is passing lot of gases and I think has caught cold too. He had not passed stools since two days. Had given colicaid emulsion. Difficult things is he is not stopping cry and yells throughout which becomes difficult to manage and being a mother I feel very low. Please suggest how to resolve this.

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| Jan 30, 2018

due to gas or ear infections. go to ur dr. he gives proper medicine

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| Jan 29, 2018

hey why don't u consult with ur pediatrician... may be u get help bcos the baby is too small so we don't understand what is happening. .. if the baby is in breastfeeding then it's normal that he is not passing stool in two days...

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