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crying before going school

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 12, 2017

hi.. my kid is 3. 7 and from 1 yr he is going school but now in same school he cries and doesnt want to go . when we leave him there he is fine within 5 mins and participate in all activities.. but again for next day from night onwards he speak i dont wanna go school, i dont like it...

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| Jul 12, 2017

my kid is also 3years 7 month he also has the same problem.... he also starts from night onwards I don't want to go school plz take holiday... he cries daily while going in bus and after reaching his mam says he was ok nd do what ever she given participate in activity as well... Don't know what to do.... I think these r kids tantrum nothing....

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| Jul 13, 2017

U can read books with good habits and stories before going to bed and tell about school and new friends. Ask them what all they like to do in school to motivate them.. it won't happen overnight but gradually they will settle down

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| Jul 14, 2017

my son had th same problem. so I started with telling him in th night that wen u come back from school I will keep a surprise for you. th surprise can be anything small or big. but has to be child's most favourite thing. like initially a fav toy tht he's been asking for since a long time or a fav candy or a fav game with a fav person in th house. or his fav dish to eat. for one or two weeks u can keep trying this n then he will start liking th idea of going to school. basically they don't want leave th comfort and love of their mother's company and house. so u try to comfort him maximum. like compensate for th time that he she is away from you by hugging her more kissing n loving her more. play a new indoor or outdoor game with her. she needs to feel attached to you to be able to feel secure when next day she has to go into a insecure envt. read her a fav story. sing songs for her. talk it out about school that all children go to school n enjoy. convince her that she'll get bored at home if she dusnt go to school since mum will be doing her own work. and let her sleep wen she is completely satisfied reading stories with you. u can increase th presleepingbedtime for a week... give more attn. thts it. im sure she'll be fine.

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