crying very frrquently

7 to 11 years

Created by Sneha Agarwal
Updated on Apr 24, 2017

my son is 8 yr old . he cry very frequently in small things. whenever he is wrong or not. . .Thousand times i told him dont cry but. . . so plz help me

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| Apr 25, 2017

Do what you think is right for him. You are the mother and you will understand him better than the rest of the people in your family. So take suggestions but help him. He depends on you

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| Apr 24, 2017

Thanks shikha. . . but everyone says dont do with him otherwise he will cry. . . i dont like this thing. i always say lakshya dnt cry u r strong . . .actually i m living in big joint family. . . .

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| Apr 24, 2017

hi Sneha! it's ok some children are more sensitive, so they cry out . they can't handle an overwhelming situation so this is their way of handling it. trust me crying out is a much better way of expressing , then keeping it within your system. I am sure as he will grow up he will learn other ways of expressing his anxieties and frustrations. please ensure that no one at home tells him since u r a boy , u can't cry. be it a boy or a girl when something hurts it affects equally irrespective of their gender. u need to identify his feelings and let him know , u understand how he feels. hope this will help!

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