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Curbing aggression

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Apr 28, 2014

How do I curb the aggression in my child? There seems to be absolutely nothing that seems to soothe her.  Always angry she is. Please help.

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| Apr 28, 2014

Hi dear! Agression in kids could be due to many reasons. Some of the reasons include: 1. child is imitating someone at home. 2. The child is not happy about the time spent with parents and is not able to share his/her feelings. 3. Too many expectations from children and less of praise and motivation 4. Lack of freedom to make choices or express self 5. Child getting punishments or reprimanded for small small mistakes. 6. He/she is a perfectionist. 7. Child does not get to be in the company of age mates or vent out emotions. Some of the ways to curb aggression include:1.

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| Apr 29, 2014

Some of the ways to curb agression includes: 1. We need to make sure children are not witness to everyday family anger. Say neither mother or father or grandparent should model such behaviour which can indirectly affect child's personality. Adults should make sure they use effective ways to combat anger for children to follow. 2. parents should make sure they spent quality time with children in which they feel connected to children and are able to share their feelings. 3. It is advisable not to compare children with some other family member or classmates or always coaxing the child to perform better. Positive. Motivation by saying 'u r doing a good job', 'u are awesome', hugging the child, praising the child, rewarding the child are some of the ways to boost confidence levels. 4. A child should not always be forced to take directions and obey these. Some freedom of thought and expression should be given to the child. For example At least on weekends we can be relaxed with routine, sleeping or getting up late, or ask them choices what they can eat etc. 5. Reprimanding the child or scolding would make the child a rebellion. And he/she would purposely stop following parents. So it is advisable to ignore small mistakes, instead of scolding peacefully discussing what could have been the better way of handling that situation. 6. If a child is a perfectionist, then make him relax and praise him for smaller achievements. Setting smaller targets and celebration on success wud make them be easy on self. 7. Allowing the child to vent out emotions by going outdoors for play or involving in some co -curricular activity say dance, drama, sports, etc wherein he gets a chance to be away from stressful situations for sometime . 8. Laughter is the best medicine. Teaching child how to laugh away small mistakes or tackle anger. Hope these suggestions are useful.

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