dabur janma gunti vs dabur arvindsava

0 to 1 years

Created by Bhavin Mistry
Updated on Jun 23, 2017

my baby is having constipation, he does the stool once in 4-5 days. I got feedback from well wishers to give the above tonic daily once .... which is best of them?

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| Jun 26, 2017


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| Jun 25, 2017

dear I can understand your situation because I have gone through this as my baby had the same problem at 2 month. he didn't poop for 2 days as he used to poop in regular basis so I also got panic he used to cry a lot my sasu maa put hing mixed with oil or water on his belly button after some hours he poop. The next two days same problem again she put hing and he was relaxed. it happened for a week. Don't stress so much. if you feel like giving gripe water give don't listen to anyone as he is your son u knows better what is good for him. You should have more fluid like daal daliya khichdi. ok take care

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| Jun 25, 2017

Hi Dr archana , and dipti mam , he is crying a lot and I assume that he is having stomach problems. I am really confused what shall I do to make him happy. if no gripe water, no janmagunti then what to do?

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| Jun 24, 2017

Hi if your baby has stool problem put hing on baby's belly. Don't give any gripe water as it contains alcohol.

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| Jun 23, 2017

Hello Bhavin breastfeeding babies ll passes stool once after 8 days dam also it's fine dnt worry ..dnt give any janmgutti or gripe water before 6months as its nt atall advisable.

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