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Created by Priyanka Chauhan
Updated on Aug 30, 2017

hi, I am from Delhi, according to here's weather, is daily bath with lukewarm water is safe for 3 month old baby ??? or it should be on alternate days ? please suggest.

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| Aug 30, 2017

thanx Nita...

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| Aug 30, 2017

Hi priyanka! I would advice with the following- 1. Watch out for extreme temprature changes, especially after bathing never let your baby be exposed to direct fast air of fans,coolers or ACs. 2. In winter, try to bathe and dress baby in a closed room and let him/her stay there for at least 15:20 minutes, so that his/her body temperature may adjust to the environmental temperature 3. If bathing after massage, keep at least 30-40 minutes time gap 4. Your baby up to 6 months doesn't require daily baths. You may skip a day or two but just stick to the basic diaper cleaning and face, hands cleaning daily

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