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Updated on Feb 03, 2016

Hi everyone..... my prince s going to b 6months.... am using daipers every night.... some advice me not to use diapers everyday bcoz its not good for baby... plz suggest me vancan I use diapers during nights or not.... bcoz its cold season ...and ll it affect my little one skin

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| Oct 17, 2016

even doc suggests that there is no harm in using diapers. it ensures undisturbed sleep for the baby and rest for the new mother. just ensure you change it as soon as the baby poops and if it's just pee may be in 2-3 hrs as pee gets absorbed.

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| Apr 04, 2016

Hi. Pls. use diaper at night till the time she is not restroom trained which will be at least an year or so. If you want you may give her some air time in day. Once she is done pooping,you can leave her in cotton underwears and then can change. It is tiresome but is good.

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| Feb 09, 2016

Thank u

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| Feb 06, 2016

Using diaper is fine. Just use a good diaper rash cream .

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| Feb 05, 2016

Hi thr!! My baby girl is 2. 5 months n from day she was born I m using diapers without any issue. Jus apply Himalaya diaper rash cream before make her wear diaper. Many ppl tld me also nt to use diaper so much I spoke to doctor he said it is the best thing jus we need to keep changing in every 2-3 hrs. So in a day I change sum 8-10 diapers. Baby also feel good in diaper. Once I tried for an hour to keep like this she passed urine and strd crying a lot. So I m happy to use diaper. All wat ppl say is myth.

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| Feb 03, 2016

Till winter you can use Diaper in night and then stop. Also use lotion before using diaper.

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