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Dal and rice water

Urvashi Shah

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Dec 05, 2012

Kindly let me know when should i start feeding my 4 mths baby boy dal and rice water   regards Urvashi shah

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Tanuja Sodhi

| Jan 03, 2013

As per most pediatrician's advice, it is best to wait till the baby turns 6 months before administering dal and rice water to her. Dal water may not suit such small babies as it can cause severe gastric discomfort. Besides, many babies of this age are not neurologically ready to accept any food other than breast milk and formula milk. So, breast milk is the best till the age of 6 months,as it contains all immunological properties that other foods do not.

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| Dec 11, 2012

Urvashi, it is usually advised to start anything apart from milk at only 6 months. Some people do start earlier but my doctor also categorically advised against it, even water. My child had the first taste of water at 6 months as she was being breast fed till then. If you are breast feeding, probably it is a good idea to wait till 6 months and then start with other food.

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Radhika Thombre

| Dec 07, 2012

Hi! Urvashi, My ped had catagorically told me to start Solid food only after 6 months. I agree with Aashna to always consult ped before starting anything solid and also what all foods can be given. As much as possible avoid cerelac and farex Most babies do not like them.

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| Dec 05, 2012

Hi Urvashi. You can ask her doctor before starting him on anything else other than milk even though 4 months is a safe age to start introducing age-appropriate solids.

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| Dec 05, 2012

Hi Urvashi. Solid food can be introduced to a baby's diet at 4 months. You could try giving him dal and rice water. Please make sure that no grain of rice remains in the liquid as he will choke. Also, please watch out for any reactions. If he has any problems with digestion, or if his skin breaks out into rashes, then please stop it and reintroduce it at a later stage. Good luck.

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