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Dal n rice water

Aarti Akhilesh

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Dec 13, 2015

Hello all moms....... plz tell me for how many hoursdal n rice water can b stored? N one more thing. ....my 6 month baby is not interested in cows milk...... can v have another option for it..... which can fulfil mil nutrition? ?

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Priya Singh

| Dec 16, 2015

I'm including her food. Khichdi. massed banana. sabudana. apple but can't proper eat anything so .she is premature baby .so plz give me some suggestions.. she is underwait

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aarti akhilesh

| Dec 13, 2015

Thanku so muh.... ragi kheer..... can we start at 6 month. ..?

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Archana Parmar

| Dec 13, 2015

There are amul pasteurized cow milk available in market. Try it. Another option you can start with formula milk. Start giving cerelac. Mashed banana and potatoes. You can make kheer for baby and feed him like rice kheer,suji kheer and ragi kheer.

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