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Dark green potty

Madhulika Baranwal
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Sep 26, 2015

Hi, My baby is 7 month old & she has dark green potty by last 6 month. When she was a month old , she badly got cold & cough. Since then she has dark green potty. Most of the time she has nose blockage problem too. While discussing to dr. They use to give only nasal drop which is not at all effective. Can any1 solve my problem.

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| Sep 28, 2015

Hi Madhulika, is your baby on formula? Formula which are rich in iron may make babies poop dark green. You could switch to another formula and see a difference. Hope this helps

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Vinay P

| Sep 27, 2015

Dark green potyy because of top feeding only.

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