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Daughter, almost 3, not talking much

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Updated on Dec 14, 2015

Hi, my daughter, almost 3 hasn't started talking much. She has limited vocabulary - around 30 words. She's otherwise smart, intelligent and friendly bright child. Follows instructions perfectly. Should I see a speech therapy. FYI. she is our second child and is going to a nursery school.

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| Dec 18, 2015

Hi Jasleen Makker! A 3 year old child should ideally have a vocabulary of 1000 words. From your description it seems she has problems related to expressive language. Jasleen you should consult a Speech therapist soon, as earlier the intervention done the better it is. he would guide you what points to keep in mind while conversing with your child. Meanwhile u could take care of following things : 1. Talk as much as possible with your child. 2. Ask her questions for ex: what did you do in school? How was your day? Avoid asking close ended questions which just require yes/no as answer. 3. Help her elaborate her sentences. Say for ex: if she says milk. Say ' I want to have milk with bournvita'. 4. Praise her for long answers by sayING 'well done, awesome'. 5. give her instructions in short sentences and ask her to repeat what she has understood. 6. Rather than making her sit in front of tv/ipad/phone, make her play with kids, sibling. Take her to park, give her opportunities to interact with agemates. 7. Play games with her which enhance her vocabulary. 8. Take help of sibling to converse with her as much as possible. 9. Talk to teachers to motivate her to answer in class and praise her on attempting. 10. make sure nobody makes fun of her because of this problem. please consult a speech therapist ASAP. Hope this helps.

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