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Created by Manmeet Kaue
Updated on May 31, 2016

my daughter i s 6 yr old. Age is mistaken in profile.. My problem is that she doesn't listen to anybody. she was not like this before. But now I m w worried she also starts lying what to do pls help me.

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| Jun 01, 2016

hey dear even my daughter was telling lies but one wen she was very happy and in good mood i took her in my arms hugged her cuddled her and asked y she told me lie the last time she said with the fear dat i wud shout her than i explained her with a story how telling lies is not good can further put her in big issues and also gave examples of real life now my daughter knows telling lies will make my mom angry once but later wen she is cool she wud hug me again atleast for not lying

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| May 31, 2016

Even I had same issues. but I found solution for her lying thing that she was lying to me with fear of getting spanked or scolded from us (parents).. I tried to openly tell her or give her some sweets in a way that she will tell me truth.. but up to extend.. she has changed a lot n behaving good.. try this out.. and for behavior you need to little strict.. but not in public. alone make her understand that she is good girl n she will behave good n etc

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| May 31, 2016

l m also facing the same problem. my daughter is 5ys old. don't try to control her shouting etc.. try to face it with pations. and slowly tell her some examples like little stories with your love and nice smile. she will definitely change.

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