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Created by Adi
Updated on Jun 28, 2017

Hi, My daughter don't listen to me. She started ignoring me. She don't pay attention what I say to her. I can't tolerate indiscipline, same time I wants to be gentle wid her. plz advice. Also have a concern,I really don't know how to handle situation when we have some guests n kids don't share anything wid each other. I always try to make her understand that they are your frds let them play wid your toys , bt same toy wanted by each kids. n it ended up in crying , fighting. to handle such situation. bec my Daughter always wanted the same thing that other kid pick to play wid. ?

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| Jun 29, 2017

hey Adi don't fret ! I completely understand your concerns. at least u realize that the change has to begin from your end. believe u me u have already won half the battle. I too am a SAHM , and trust me after putting in so much of hard work and being so well qualified and still sitting at home does hurt and it does come out in this form only. just keep yourself occupied with something that gives u happiness. join a part time job if feasible, or do something that gives u happiness. be a concerned parent but not an over concerned one. avoid indulging into helicopter parenting. give her a lil space. as we don't like to be remote controlled so does our children. give her options , let her decide for herself. praise her more , as we would want to be praised . hug her often, listen to her. most importantly divert your energies in doing something that gives u happiness. by doing so you will no longer feel frustrated and it will no longer be directed on her. hope this helps.

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| Jun 29, 2017

Thanks for the guidance. I know I had been lit rude wid her and now trying to be gentle wid her in every situation. Here I observe that I have to be little tolerant. She's also a kid n due to my continues nagging , she's become stubborn. I am a SAHM so I gives her my full time. I plays wid her, do lots of activity together. bt loose patience very quickly. So any suggestion, how to become more Patient?

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| Jun 28, 2017

hi Adi! I do understand your concerns. first and foremost please check the reason why has she started to ignore u. is it the disciplining technique that has gone for a toss or has it got something to do with tone being used or something else which needs a change? please go through this blog. hope u will find it useful!Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too: as far as behavior in front of lil guests is concerned, it's difficult to expect a 4 year old to keep her cool when all kids have their eyes on her toys. still u could try with the help of moral stories, behavior modification. take it easy ,she'll come around sooner or later.. hope this helps!

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