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Daughter is experimenting with her sexuality far too young. She is only 4 years old, going on 5.

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Updated on Oct 24, 2017

Daughter (5yo) lost her mother last year. At first she became very detached and angry. But recently her mood seems to have begun to normaize. But she has recently been rubbing her genitals on literally everything in the house. Humping the couch arms, the staircase railing, door knobs. I ask her what she us doing and she laughs and says 'nothing' and walks off somewhere else. I don't know if she is mimmicking what she sees the dog try to do to stuffed animals or what. I've had the dog since she was born and she never did this before. It seems like she is becoming hyper sexualized. I am a single father, and so she is at daycare during the weekday and her aunt watches her on the weekends. She says she never notices anything. Yet everyday I notice her humping things to the point where she is sweating. Since she is still so young I still run the bath for her and monitor her during bathtime. And in the bath I've noticed her using her floaty toys to touch her genitals. She just does it openly in front of me. When I laugh and ask what she is doing she just laughs and says 'nothing' and carries on playing with her toys like normal. Recently when I had just got out of the shower and was shaving with just a towel on in front of the mirror, she casually came up and began pulling my towel aside in an open attempt to see my genitals. I asked her what she was doing and she, as usual, laughed and said 'nothing'. This has happened several times. And recently while laying with her on the couch watching a movie in our pajamas I noticed her reaching and feeling around my thigh area until she started feeing over my genitals. I simply moved her hand away, yet she kept doing it a few more times until I moved her hand again and she continued just watching the movie. Around the same time I began noticing this behaviorI had taken on extra work during most weekends and had her staying at her aunts. Her aunt said she hasn't noticed anything at all, yet; again, everyday and all day I've witnessed her humping everything in sight and even keeping her hands in her pants underneath her underwear when she's simply watching TV. It's become awkward when friends or family come over and she'll be straddling the couch arm or watching TV with her hands in her underwear.   I'm not sure if there is anything I should do or if it just a normal phase that I should let her go through.  

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| Oct 25, 2017

Its quite possible that maybe in Daycare or with her aunt Something wrong is happening near her. You can not blind trust anyone. Please ensure your child is in safe hands.

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| Oct 24, 2017

hi Kris Taylor ! I understand your concern.. please ensure she is not watching adult stuff, and she has trusted people around her.. it's not unusual for children to explore their genitals. however to this extent and even touching others could be a cause of concern. u could casually ask her , who does that , has she seen someone doing like this , without making her feel embarrassed .or u could ask a trusted adult to discuss the same with her.. please ensure she is in safe hands.

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