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Updated on Jul 22, 2017

my 6 yr old daughter saw actors expressing love and kissing which is now a days there in almost all Hindi songs and movies. now this thing has become so engraved in her mind. She starts imagining herself kissing. be it anyone. Many times I tried to tell to throw this out of her mind. She she says mama it keeps coming in my mind. how to deal with it parents. pls suggest.

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| Jul 22, 2017

Hi Sulagna I understand how worried you must be regarding your child and what she has just viewed , kissing , violence in movies and the affect it has on the child's mind , ( imagine a blank sheet of paper , what u write , will stay there for a long long period to come. ) added to it , the imagination power of the child, visiual impact adds on to your troubles. Anyways , it has happened , no use crying over spilt milk, I would suggest you do a small exercise with your child , take her to a room and speak with her alone , tell her what she saw on screen needs to be removed from her mind because she has very imp things to do. So you'll need to ask her what she likes , for instance travel to a certain place , get good grades in school, be an artist or get an award of excellence ( around 5-6 things in writing) Then ask her to relax in a comfortable position , and to take the unwanted screen ,crumble it in a ball and throw it in a dustbin, now Immediately have another screen replace it and suggest all these new goals which you have discussed and written with her. your activity should be completed in 10 minutes , don't stretch it, focus only on the 5-6 points you want her to work with. you will need to do this at least everyday for a week. I have tried to explain in easy terms , if you have any queries or need help , feel free to contact me on 9916649452. I am very sure you will be able to handle this situation effectively and get the result you want. All the best !

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| Jul 22, 2017

hi Sulagna Bedi! it seems she is not being monitored regarding what she is watching. if she has been using ipad as well please keep a close watch on that too. if possible change the channel and make sure she watches only and only content related to children such as cartoons, kids channels etc. make use of child lock on TV. avoid watching adult serials or daily soaps in front of her. she is using her strength I. e. her imagination in the wrong direction . please channelize it in the right direction. avoid taking her for watching adult movies.. Sulagna this will definitely leave an impact on her mind if not dealt with properly right now. hope this helps

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