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Daughter's changed behaviour

3 to 7 years

Created by Sonal Sharma Nagar
Updated on Aug 12, 2017

Hi.. I have two daughters. One is 6 & other is 5 months. Earlier my elder daughter used to be happy always & cheerful but since another child is born, her attitude changed fully. She never be happy & started doing those activities which she has never done like telling lie stories, closing door while playing, making the room clumsy etc etc. Now the situation is she always get scolded by everybody. I don’t understand what to do. Even she also started going down in her studies. Plz tell what to do????

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| Aug 12, 2017

She is used to take care of the little one & very attached to her. We try to give equal attention to her & doing everything what u were saying but still she is behaving odd. But yeah! She gets scolded so many times in a day. I'll try that not to yell on her

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| Aug 12, 2017

hi Sonal Sharma Nagar ! please try and understand this. she is not able to accept that her parents , her home , her belongings , the attention she used to get , her share of love and practically everything will be shared by another being whom everyone calls her sister. she is not able to accept her territory has another claimant. Sonal please try and understand her and what she is going through. u need to give more attention to her to help her accept that she doesn't have a competitor but a friend for life. a friend who would be with her through her thick and thin. create opportunities where elder one helps u in taking care of lil one.. like help her get ready, taking her in her lap in your presence . praise her when she is nice to her. hug her often, address her as 'Mauli's Didi '. let her play with lil one's toys , belongings.. etc. avoid scolding her because of lil one. deal with her with patience. Sona she needs u and ur love and care all the more during this rough phase of her life. help her sail through.

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