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Updated on Mar 10, 2017

my kid is 6 yrs 5 months. due to some issues I had to change his day care. the current day care is absolutely fine with no issues. however, my son dosent wish to go there as he says he has no friends there and the kids around are quite small. everyday he comes up with some reason so as to avoid going there. being a working mother I don't wish my son to be at home with the help .chqnging a day care dosent seem to be an alternative. I have tried lot to convince him that kids are around are cute little children with whom u can have fun. every weekend I keep him busy with his friends. but when it's Monday again the same problem persists. kindly advise

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| Mar 10, 2017

It's natural for him to not like the place instantly. It's a common and normal thing. If he gives you many reasons for not going there you give me one reason for going there. Don't get angry and lovingly explain to him that you have to go to work so that you guys can together enjoy on weekends. Accompany him to the daycare and spend a few minutes with him there and try to make him comfortable with the new environment. Give him incentives like a trip to the zoo on weekend etc so that he realises that there is fun ahead of all this separation from parents. However do not turn a blind eye to any serious issue he maybe facing in the new daycare.

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