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3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 08, 2016

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| Aug 08, 2016

menu day 1 Milk with protain powder 1 tbs (Whatever you generally use or I prefer Pediasure with chocolate flavour) Heavy Breakfast like Chapati/ Puri with Bhaji or make it stuffed inside like paratha plus make sure your child is eating variety like roti sabji and sone sweet so to change taste and make sure he is not bore with only dal roti or bhaji chapati add ghee sugar or any sweet dish like kheer or shreekhand etc. give them tiffin containing protains and fyber like Sheera or Idli or appe or paratha without ghee so it will not be soggy with little portion of crunchy items like dryfuits or any farsan item ( same logic to avoid singular and repetitive taste so they dont get bored) after coming home give them chawal as pulao or plain rice with ghee and dal with 2 drops of lemon juice giving them C vitanin fyber and protain if they are hungry give them plain roti with chatni or jam homemade possibly plus chass or taak or buttermilk after lunch only little around 4 to 5 pm give them milk with haldi/ plain sugar if they like or if they hate milk as my son does feed them little tea or coco just to change color with lot of milk also honey can be added if they like or if they are suffering cold and fever you can add sunth or dry ginger powder pinch with haldi and sugar arond 6- 7 give some quick bites which are not heavy like little fruit pieces or some few chips or shankarpale salted homade preferred or chivada around 8. 30 give them roti paratha with sabji and dal if want to eat with their own hands make sure u give them warm and rotis in small pieces give them little rice with milk or dahi with little pinch of salt and dal just to taste aahhh your day ends.. make sure Whatsoever u make they going to hate eating as they are too young to understand their body requirements. This is our challenge to make stories or songs while we feed them but wothout using mobile or tv or any other toys... this is time when we can bond our relations strongly with kids.. atleast whenever u r at home

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