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Created by Himani Kankaria
Updated on Sep 09, 2015

Hi, we are planning to go Goa from Ahmedabad for 6 days through Train (day time). My son is 2 years 4 months old and he is hyper active. He does not want to sit at one place and play. He will only sit at one place if we give him the mobile but, I don't want to give him the mobile for so long hours. Can anybody suggest how to manage a kid in the train journeys at the day time?

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| Sep 09, 2015

Thank you so very much Shikha. This sounds really very helpful. I would try all these things but as my son is very naughty, he does not even enjoy drawing or listening to stories.. Still I will make sure, I will take most of the things you've mentioned so that any of them can help me at any point of time in journey. Thanks a ton.

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| Sep 09, 2015

Hi Himani! That's a great idea to plan ahead. Children initially tend to be excited about a journey but with passage of time become impatient. u could try out the following: 1. Start collecting picture books which he hasn't seen before. Look for his interest,if he is interested in superheroes/ or cartoon characters/ animals or birds have few books on the same. 2. U could take few games like ludo,snakes and ladder,join the dots and complete the pic,jigsaw puzzles,his toy cars etc. 3. U could take along few sheets and crayons/colors on which he could draw whatever he feels like or the scenic beauty or his family picture or the train journey. 4. Keep discussing about scenic beauty that u see for ex western ghats, coastline,beaches etc. click pics so that he could remember later. 5 u could play games like Chinese whisper, dumb charades wherein he has to guess through other's actions,he could see the clouds and talk about which figure do they resemble say an animal or a tree or a bird etc. 6. U could carry light healthy snacks to Keep him occupied like biscuits, popcorn, crackers , fresh fruits etc. 7. U could narrate stories to him from books or on yr own to keep him excited about what is going to come next. 8 avoid discussion how long the journey is or what all u have been through and maintain excitement till the end as children are smart to pick up wrong things. Hope this helps!Wish u a happy and safe journey!

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