Dealing with the older one after a 2nd child

Zanzanil Patel
3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 17, 2015

I recently joined a mothers only online community. Reading a blog I just realised that of late I've been to busy and stressed out about the acceptable and unacceptable norms set by my family that I forgot to enjoy my motherhood. I can recall myself saying things like please don't disturb me I am looking after him, please play on your own I'm tired, is this how you behave with elders/younger. No doubt shews getting cranky. I enjoyed my olderones childhood completely but after the birth of the younger one, things got a bit too busy with the school, activities and the so called rules that things started getting stressed. Just glad I realised well in time.

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Megha Chawla

| Sep 18, 2015

Hey Zanzil, Hugs to you, its ok sometimes really stress as mothers and I am sure handling two and giving them equal attention and love can be really challenging at times. But count this as just a phase it will be ok, maybe your elder one is also trying to cope with your divided attention. Just keep the faith and I am sure you are doing your best, everything will fall in place. All the best

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