Decrease in breastmilk supply

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Created by Vidhika
Updated on Dec 18, 2017

Hi, I am mother of 4months old baby boy. He is on breastfeed but from last 4-5 days he is showing different behavior. He feeds for 5-7minutes and then play for 15-20 minutes and again starts crying bit this time he sometimes latches but most of the time he just dont want to latch and arches his back and cry for sleep.. become relax while rocking but as soon i made him to latch or lie down he starts crying.. i am finding it difficult as dont understand what he wants.. I also think my is less. Please suggest me what should i do so that can breastfeed him for more months. supply is less suppis for

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| Dec 18, 2017

hi vidhika! at this age babies are pro at sucking so they have enough milk in 7to 10 minutes. u could burp the baby and maintain a gap of at least 2 hours before feeds . if baby doesn't take feed try when he is sleeping.. it could be anything baby is full, in a playful mood or sleepy or even gassy

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| Dec 18, 2017

hi!.. my daughter is 7 months old now.. the same thing happened with me.. there are so many factors which make ur baby fussy... 1. less supply of milk: some babies are not patient for the milk to come until they feed for 15 sec.. u can make sure to pump some milk out before feeding ... to increase milk supply take garlic along with milk... u can also saute garlic with ghee and boil t n milk and drink.. .. this helped me.. there is a mix called LACTARE granules.. (available in medical shop) which u can mix with milk and drink (twice r thrice a day according to ur need.. ) 2. more supply of milk. 3. change of diaper or something... if ur baby s still fussy.. take him/ her to a calm and quite room.. switch off the lights and feed... babies at this stage can be very much distracted by the surroundings...

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