Decrease Milk Consumption

3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 03, 2017

My daughter is 3year and months old. she is taking too much milk . she is wake up in night 3 to 4 times. Doctor has advised to decrease amount of milk but she is wake up even eat proper. Any other idea to stop more milk ?

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| May 06, 2017


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| May 05, 2017

I think b4 gng 2 sleep u Shud feed her ...I mean she Shud eat food properly if smtms she denies dn GV her altrnt things like light food rice, khichdi, daliya etc or wtever she likes to HV .. u can GV her fruits. mango shake ,juices.. chapatti is ncssry if she lk to HV dn GV her vd daal or sbji. initially she vl HV in small amounts bt later as she wud lk 2 HV. try dt whnevr Ur family is having dinner serve her at the Same tm.. once she started dn milk cnsmptn vl b automatically get reduced. it's my personal xperience. same cndtn ws there dts y m asking u.

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