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delayed speech not able to speak in flow

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 20, 2016

not able to speak in flow

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| Sep 20, 2016

kindly elaborate the problem

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| Sep 21, 2016

hi Santosh Pandey! I assume your child to be around 4 years. does he stammer? or does he seem to get lost in his thoughts before he completes his sentence? or he struggles looking for correct usage of words? Santosh u need to converse a lot with him in short sentences. don't ask him to hurry up and finish speaking fast, as that would affect his self confidence. If he says something wrong ,avoid pointing out his mistakes . just reframe his sentence. for intance, if he says' this toy I want' . u could simply say' I want this toy'. praise him, motivate him. avoid comparing him with kids of his age. read out story books to him everyday. once he is back from school,give a patient ear to him and ask him what happened in school. listen to what he has to stay. avoid correcting him. Santosh your hugs, love and praise would cheer him up and u will notice a change in him. also if u feel u could consult a speech therapist. hope this helps!

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| Sep 22, 2016

Hi. I think speech therapy will help. i take my child to an occupational therapist for sensory issues. i see children coming there for speech therapy and it helps. you can talk to your pediatrician and decide. the child will come over, nothing major, I guess....

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