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Created by Swati
Updated on Sep 18, 2013

My 5 year old daughter is depended on me for every little thing I want to start making her do her stuff on her own, please suggest how should I start with her!!

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| Sep 18, 2013

Dear Shweta, I agree with what Bhavna has said. You may encourage her to do little things to start with, for instance, let her brush her teeth at night (you do the final brushing for her), let her comb her hair, wash her hands and face and the like. Praise her and say how proud you are of her each time she does something by herself. This will boost her confidence and motivate her to do more :)

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| Sep 18, 2013

Hey shweta, Our children are dependent on us since that is the only way they know how to get things done. A five year old child is a fairly young child yet capable of a lot of independent responsibilty. You may want to start with letting her achieve the first couple of steps of an act independently for example , if one wants that the child should dress himself/ herself then one could start by letting the child wear socks and shoes after the parent has dressed the child , once she is confident then you may encourage her to wear her clothes on her own too. Making sure that any new responsibility is expected of the child when the child is not rushed; like do not expect the child to dress herself up for school, it might be ideal if you tried this at night when the child is changing into the night dress. This way the child can take her own sweet time and do it right rather than be rushed and then feel frustrated.

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