Diaper rash

1 to 3 years

Created by Maryam Akhtar Rayini
Updated on Sep 17, 2015

Hi.. My daughter is 1 year 2months.. Past one week she is passing stool many times a day.. In very small quantity.. Due to which she has got bad rashes and is in so much pain. Please help and advice...

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| May 01, 2018

I understand. You can use coconut oil for rashes and also wipe the area with mothersparsh wipes. They are polyester free and are gentle on baby's skin

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| Sep 22, 2015

Hi, We have on such occassions, we have used coconut oil. the best natural solution. after giving the baby a wash, dry the are completely and apply oil. Also, do check the kind of food that is causing this rash. If something new has been added to the feeding cycle, the acidic content in the stool might have caused the rashes!

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| Sep 19, 2015

Hi,,u can try coconut oil,,like parachute,,apply it as many times as u can during the entire day,,especially after u clean up the baby after pee or poop,,apply it liberally,, advantages of cocunut oil 1,cocunut oil has antibiotic and sntifungal action so it will prevent infection 2, oil will not let urine or stool come in contact with skin, so rash will heal faster and baby will not feel any burning sensation or irritation on passing urine n stool

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| Sep 18, 2015

Thanks.. I will try those creams.. I keep changing her every 15 min.. Here is what is happening- she passes little little and I end up changing her every 15 minutes.. Is this due to tweeting? Though it's not loose motions.. I started using petroleum jelly.. My doc had advised me. to use this.. I feel she Is a bit relaxed now..

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| Sep 18, 2015

Please give her some diaper-free time. A+Z Diaper rash cream or Sudu cream work wonders on such rashes. Apply at every diaper change. The A+D original can be applied at every diaper change even when there are no rashes to prevent them. Most importantly, please keep a sharp watch on when your daughter passes stool, clean and change immediately. Try this for a few days, if things do not clear up, please seek medical advice.

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