diaper rash

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Updated on Aug 24, 2017

what is reason of diaper rash?my baby was suffering from last 5 days

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| May 06, 2018

use good wipes preferably water based wipes as they are gentle on babies soft skin. After cleaning you can use Himalay water based wipes or you can use coconut oil on daily basis.

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| Apr 25, 2018

Poor hygiene, dirt, excess Diaper use. Please use Mothersparsh water based wipes as it prevents rashes and also use coconut oil. b

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| Sep 19, 2017

excess use of diapers can be the reason.. restrict the use of diapers in case of rashes.. apply coconut oil or aloe Vera gel to the affected area. use wet cotton to cleanse baby's skin or mother sparsh water wipes an alternate to wet cotton..

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| Aug 24, 2017

Hi Divya, excess use of diper or if you leave your baby in one diper for a long duration then it leaves rashes.

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